Our Activities

We aim to promote a society based on the principles of equality, solidarity and freedom and to encourage cooperation between citizens and their active participation in the social and economic activity of their communities. Particular emphasis is placed on the topics of education, social inclusion, digital transformation, environmental sustainability and culture through the establishment of mutual learning and mutual benefit relations with other organizations. We attempt this through activities that can take the form of workshops, seminars and trainings, advocacy campaigns, debates, publications and research. Our primary target group is young adults at risk of social inclusion but currently our participants vary significantly in age and background since we have not implemented relevant restrictions. Finally, we often act as the link and intermediate between our partners, designing, systematizing, coordinating and implementing the projects in which they participate.

Regarding our projects, we are particularly enthusiastic about ideas that have as their priority one of the following axis:

Social Inclusion

We endeavour to promote activities that enhance the social inclusion of vulnerable groups, that promote diversity within the community and tackle discrimination, segregation and racism in all its forms. We want to foster in the participants the values of democracy, equality, solidarity and multiculturalism and to support active citizenship by offering opportunities for their social engagement and participation in democratic life.

Digital Transformation

Our aim is to develop the digital skills and competences of our target groups and engage them through such tools, to produce and make innovative use of digital content throughout our activities, and to use digital technologies and methods to the greatest extent possible in all phases of our projects.

Environmental Sustainability

Awareness raising about environmental and climate-change challenges is of high importance to our initiatives. We want to develop the competences of our target groups and use green strategies that support the innovative practices related to saving resources, reducing energy use and waste, compensating carbon footprint emissions, opting for sustainable food and mobility choices and more generally to enable behavioural changes for individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles.

Mental Health

We carry out educational interventions and awareness raising campaigns with the aim to develop the individual’s pshychosocial skills, enhance mental resilience, personal responsibility, emotional management and promote quality interpersonal relationships. This is achieved by working in groups and applying methods of active learning (role playing, dialogue, etc.) that place the person into a participatory process.