2020 2020-1-BE02-KA227-ADU-083110

World Wide Inclusive Website

Program: World Wide Inclusive Website
Acronym: WWIW
Project Number: 2020-1-BE02-KA227-ADU-083110
Duration: 01-03-2021 - 30-11-2022 , wellbeing Creativity and culture Social entrepreneurship / social Program: World Wide Inclusive Website


COVID crisis has not only caused a lot of economic damage but also a lot of mental harm that is not as visible. People face the risk of (further) marginalization and this is especially the case for young people. We believe in deinstitutionalization. Such policies have been successful and recognized but we want to do more. We don't want to substitute the useful work done within psychiatric clinics but to support and reinforce these services with our own.


  • To develop participants' skills related to the intersection between creativity and therapy so as to help and empower vulnerable people.
  • To enhance the social and creative abilities and skills of vulnerable individuals so as to improve their socioeconomic activity.
  • Τo employ digital tools to further facilitate and enhance the aforementioned practices so as to increase their reach and efficiency by creating an online media through which we can communicate our work.


  • Teaching and training activities, transfer of skills, exchange of good practices and updating to the current developments in the multidisciplinary field of art and therapy.
  • Activities designed exclusively for the involvement of vulnerable people such as art workshops and educational visits to affiliated stakeholders in our communities.
  • Digital tools and website development that reflect incorporate and communicate the work done throughout the project.


  • Development of skills and competences of the participants on how to better employ creative activities in a therapeutic context.
  • Acceleration of the use of digital means to adapt to the way creative events are designed, managed, accessed, evaluated and consumed. Creation of a virtual hub of interaction between all interested parties that want to explore “the therapy of the future”.
  • Establishment of a network that will stimulate European cooperation through the furthering of intercultural engagement and understanding in the participants.
  • Launching of an online platform that will constitute essentially a digital social entrepreneurship initiative with the double aspects of international travel and inclusivity.


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INMAD - International Institute for Managing Diversity
ORFEAS – Center for the prevention of addictives and promotion of the psychosocial health Larissa